Although COVID-19 is still very much in the news these days, we are definitely starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. After a couple of false starts, some illnesses and a lot of messing around, we are now committed to booking new dates around the UK and beyond for Cash Revisited, as well as booking dates for Rick McKay's solo Johnny Cash tribute show.
Jodie McKay will be appearing in her role as June Carter on some of these shows, in between her songwriting shows and her Tammy Wynette tribute shows. 
We managed to play one, extremely successful set at the Malvern Motorhome Show on 21st August, which really did a lot to renew our enthusiasm for the show after almost two full years away from our last live performance.
We really appreciated the audience's reaction. They were amazing, very loud, and so supportive. I don't think the compere, Roger Shepherd, appreciated being booed by the large crowd when he announced that we would not being giving an encore due to time restrictions. We'd have been happy to keep playing all night, but "Full Nelson" were waiting in the wings to  get on stage and do their thing. 
Our next  shows will be in March 2022, at Felixstowe on the 5th and in Exmouth on the 19th.
Rick also has a couple of solo shows booked, one on the 29th January with the incredible Kelly O'Brien of "The Dolly Show" and another in Cosham, Portsmouth on April 2nd. Full details of these and other dates will be added to our calendar as soon as they are confirmed.
More updates will be posted here in the coming days. 


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If you are one of those lovely people who bought tickets for our April 2020 show at the Spa Pavilion in Felixstowe which was rescheduled for 20th February 2021, we have an update for you.
The performance has now been re-scheduled for a second time to SATURDAY 5th MARCH, 2022.
I have been informed by the venue that pretty much ALL of you decided to stick with us and wait for a new date to be confirmed, and for that we thank you most sincerely and hope you will stick with us as get pushed back yet again by this virus.
So, with a little luck, we'll see you all next year, and we can't wait!
Thanks again for your continued support and for your patience.